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Mergers and Acquisitions

PNL provides advice on both the “sale” and “buy” side of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our advice is independent and without conflict. We cover all areas of M&A including sale and divestiture (“sell-side”) and acquisition (“buy-side”) advice as well as ongoing strategic advice to ensure that owners and managers are best placed to grow their businesses.

In all of our engagements, protecting our client’s business is the highest priority for us. We treat our client’s business as our own and insure confidentiality at every step or the process.

Selling a business is one of the most important and far-reaching decisions a business owner will make. PNL guides its clients through the complex process of evaluating alternatives and executing on a divestiture strategy. We are the best at what we do because of our expertise in the following areas:

  • Maximizing Value. At PNL, our priority is maximizing the value of our client’s company. We combine our understanding of the market, valuation and corporate finance with our knowledge of the business to identify hidden value, synergies and advantageous market opportunities. We then incorporate our expertise in pricing, structuring and positioning companies to create the best scenario for our clients. Nothing is more important to us than optimizing the value a client realizes from a transaction.
  • Identifying the Most Qualified Investors. PNL’s clients greatly benefit from our extensive resources, contacts and research capabilities to identify the best strategic and financial buyers worldwide. We pre-qualify each investor to ensure that we present the most compelling business rationale.
  • Negotiating and Structuring the Transaction. Negotiating a proposed business transaction is a complex task, that includes addressing a diverse range of legal, financial, tax and operational issues as well as coordinating the various professional advisers involved. Clients particularly value having PNL, with its extensive M&A experience, to lead and manage the negotiations among the business parties as well as the various professional advisers involved.

Acquisitions can provide companies with the critical mass necessary to compete effectively in today’s business environment. PNL has years of experience assisting business owners in formulating and executing achievable growth strategies through acquisition. Our strength lies in partnering with our clients in not just making an acquisition, but finding the right acquisition and negotiating a transaction that minimizes integration risks.

PNL has extensive experience negotiating and structuring M&A deals that minimize the risks to the buyer. We can add value to our clients in the following areas:

  • Optimizing Value. We draw upon our extensive transaction experience to formulate accurate valuations and position the buyer for a successful transaction. In the process, we identify opportunities that enhance the value of the acquiring company well beyond the cost of the acquisition.
  • Identifying Qualified Targets. PNL clients benefit from our extensive resources, contacts and research capabilities to identify the best target based on pre-established criteria. In addition, our understanding of the complex motivations of sellers gained from executing a number of M&A transactions, gives us a distinct advantage in pre-qualifying and evaluating potential targets.
  • Negotiating and Structuring Transactions. The PNL difference is its ability to convert a buyer’s strategic interest into realized value during the negotiations. PNL has extensive experience negotiating and structuring M&A deals that minimize the risks to the buyer, while satisfying the needs of the seller. In addition, we are uniquely qualified to lead and manage the deal team – business parties and professional advisers – to manage the time and expense associated with closing a transaction.
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