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Capital Raising

PNL advises corporations and mid-size businesses on their most critical financing decisions.

Capital Raising

PNL helps clients finance thier business through various set of financial instruments – Debt, Equity or Alternative Solutions.

The advantage of PNL is not only our experience, but also our network with a number of leading Bulgarian and international banks that could facilitate access to financing for our clients.

The following is a list of services we provide in debt financing deals:

PNL advises clients on opportunities to finance their growing business through equity capital and partnerships.

The following is a list of services we provide in equity financing deals:

We leverage the expertise of our consultants to originate, structure and manage alternative forms of financing usually unavailable on the local markets.

Based on our daily interactions in the lending marketplace, PNL has extensive knowledge of the universe of alternative lenders and providers of liquidity. In most cases, we are able to focus on a selection of potentially interested institutions.

PNL can provide a broad range of options for financial transactions, including:

  • Subordinated debt
  • Mezzanine or junior debt
  • Convertible debt
  • Term loans
  • Asset-based financing, including accounts receivable factoring
  • Cash-flow based financing
  • Bridge loans and other short-term funding
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