Our Company

We provide merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory, financing solutions and management consulting services to corporations and institutions.

The relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust and openness, and our goal is to build successful, long-term prospects for both sides.

We are accustomed to working intensively in a dynamic and result-oriented environment with our clients, partners and employees. This is why we only take on projects in which we know we will be able to perform while maintaining our business and ethical principles intact, and when we know we can meet the expectations of our clients.

In all of our engagements, protecting our client’s business is the highest priority for us. We treat our client’s business as our own and insure confidentiality at every step or the process.

We embrace a set of values by which we conduct our business and ourselves on behalf of our clients.

Exclusively Dedicated to the Success of Our Clients
Our remuneration is always based on an exclusive agreement with our client and largely conditional to the realized transaction value with the major part being due upon finalization of the envisaged transaction, and therefore directly linked to our client’s success. This is why it is in our core interest to accomplish our clients’ goals in the most efficient and successful way.

Intelligent and Insightful Solutions
High quality, thoughtful and creative advice is a key success factor of our client work. We provide our clients with insightful ideas and innovative solutions to complex strategic and financial issues. Our goal is to supply intelligent solutions, which broaden the scope of strategic options available to our clients.

Long-term Commitment and Personal Involvement of Partners in Projects

Persistent personal commitment to daily project work and a focus on the long-term success of our clients are the key principles of our business. This is why our partners are closely involved in assignments from initiation to completion, ensuring that our clients benefit from their experience and expertise at all stages. We are committed to delivering execution of the highest quality.

Integrity and Confidentiality
We understand the need to handle the most sensitive assignments with absolute discretion to secure the competitive and tactical advantage for our clients.

PNL has a global reach through an extensive network of contacts and strategic relationships.

The world is smaller and companies conduct business internationally. We’ve long understood this and have secured and managed value-enhancing business transactions on a truly global scale. In fact, over half of PNL’s transaction volume involves cross-border relationships.

Our global experience and vast network of international contacts allow us to identify international partners and engineer the highest value transactions for our clients. For our M&A clients, PNL can efficiently identify strategic and financial investors around the world who often see great value in establishing a foothold in Bulgaria.

Similarly, we can assist a local company’s growth strategy by tapping into our global network to identify and expand into markets in Europe and beyond.

Our relationships are vast and span the globe across private companies, public companies, financial sponsors and accredited investors.


Alexander Petrov | Partner

Iskren Valev | Partner



PNL is an independent firm wholly owned by its employees.


PNL’s focus is on advisory work. We have no investing, trading, lending or related activities and are dedicated to providing conflict-free and client-focused advice.


Our in-depth knowledge of different industry sectors and experience in the business environment in Bulgaria enables us to tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients and to manage each project swiftly and in a cost-effective manner.


It is truly our aspiration to make PNL a great place to work for the outstanding individuals who form our team.

To achieve this vision we focus on:

  • Attracting talented people – high-performing individuals committed to working together to achieve outstanding results; allowing us, you and our clients to reach their potential
  • Offering the development you need to enrich your career and deliver results for our clients
  • Creating an inclusive environment where your point of view is heard and your contributions are valued, and your background – whatever it may be – is an asset. It’s a culture that focuses on bringing out your strengths; recognizing, rewarding and developing what it is that you bring
  • Providing the support, flexibility and recognition you need to engage more effectively with your work, your clients, your colleagues and the communities you live and work in

If you’re interested in investment banking and consulting and enjoy the challenges and rewards of an intellectually demanding position, email us at careers@pnl.bg, we may have the right opportunity for you.


Investment bankers are judged by their results. PNL’s team has successfully completed various assignments and transactions, offering evidence of our ability to add value for our clients. These have been of all shapes and sizes and have involved parties across the world.

Our team has been active in local markets of CEE for over 10 years, completing numerous transactions. We work closely with owners, managers, local communities, and other stakeholders across many industries; ultimately to deliver superior value. As a policy, we encourage our potential business partners to seek references on PNL and our track-record.

PNL also takes pride in its track-record acting as an ethical and responsible advisor – and we hold ourselves to a high standard in this regard.